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Individual 6 Month Contract: $110/month

Drop in rates for visitors- $10. 

Corporate Discounts are available.  


All fees are monthly rates. 
Individual - $135 Unlimited Gym Time
Nutrition plan
On Ramp Program

Couples - $210 Unlimited
Nutrition plan
On Ramp Program

DoD/Military personal, Fire & police & Teachers- $110
Unlimited Memberships

All cancellations of memberships must have at least a 15 day written notice prior to cancelling.  No refunds will be given. 
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ON RAMP PROGRAM: Our CrossFit On Ramp Program is your entry point into CrossFit. The program consists of 2 hour long sessions. On day one we will evaluate your current fitness level and discuss with you your fitness goals. After a short evaluation we will take you through a dynamic stretch and then begin specific skill training. Day two will involve another dynamic stretch, review of skills, and a CrossFit timed workout. The two day On Ramp Program is completely free, please click on the Class Schedule tab to reserve your spot. We look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Please feel free to call or email us with any further questions: 

Phone: 720-933-3283


Saturday: 10am
Sunday: 12pm